How To Prepare For A Project Management Job Interview

Job interviews can sometimes be an absolute nightmare, all the experts advise to prepare as best you can for that perfect job. Here are some typical questions that you may be asked in the project management job interview:

What has been the most significant project you have worked on?
Think about what is important for the organisation – is it complexity, budget size, number of people involved or the subject matter of the project? Talk about why this was more important that other projects you’ve managed.

How do you start a project?
Talk about the discovery and scoping period and mention documentation and what process or methodology you follow that supports successful delivery.

Briefly describe the project life-cycle.
A real opportunity to show your experience by not just providing a theoretical answer but by discussing the various steps and mention key stakeholders that need to be considered at various stages of the project life-cycle.

Do you understand the difference between project and programme management?
Potential employers are looking at your overall knowledge of programme management and how your role as a project manager relates to that. Do some research so you understand the difference.

What was your actual role in your last project?
A question aimed at those relatively new to project management – trying to understand your level of authority.

What is the most important skill a project manager should have?
There is no right or wrong answer yet the answer you give would provide an interesting insight!

What do you love about project management?
Passion is what the employer is looking for here. This is also about personality and don’t be afraid to show you’re a passionate project management that can lead and be part of a team and can manage stakeholder management too.

Tell me something new about what’s happening in project management today?
Make sure you’ve read the latest articles and are up-to-date on any new project management methodologies. For example, digital project management is relatively new to some and perhaps that’s an area to discuss.

How would your project management experience benefit our business?
An answer that relies heavily on the research you can do on the company.

There are plenty more questions, but that should give you an idea of what to expect.