What Is Digital Project Management?

For many years, while creative and technologies have evolved, digital project management really hasn’t progressed as quickly as it would appear. If you imagine, the same rules apply to project management five years ago as it does today. Process and documentation are still key but it’s really more about efficiency and ‘quick’ delivery for today’s digital project manager. So what really is digital project management?

It’s a streamlined process of managing online projects from concept to execution within budget and in a timely fashion. Maximum result is ensuring that businesses utilizing the service reach their online marketing goals and other goals that were presented. This is accomplished by utilizing creative and technical skills, providing proper support and maintenance, closely collaborating with designers, developers, and other specialists as a unified team. Managing web projects involves certain steps to ensure successful completion. Scoping, cost estimation, risk and issue analysis, resourcing, identifying strategies to be employed, quality assurance are just a few of the elementary considerations.

There are several project management tools/methodologies that enhance the productivity and efficiency of a digital project manager. Just some of these tools include Waterfall, Prince2, Agile (ScrumMaster) among others. The digital output/products that are managed are quite varied and typically include items for example:

  • Website design and development.
  • E-commerce websites.
  • E-mail newsletter marketing.
  • Search engine optimisation.
  • Social media creative and marketing.
  • Rich media creative and advertising.
  • Copywriting and content.
  • Mobile technologies and app development.

Digital project management is and has to be a flexible process. This is so because factors such as issues with resources, budgets, challenging clients will always test your creative, organisational, and planning skills. As any project manager knows, it’s how you manage stakeholder expectation and document the process that will see you through in the end. Like the majority of the new project managers in digital today, experience in this area will see you ahead of your peers. If you understand how to partner with designers and developers you’re already ahead of your competition.